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There are currently 30 levels in Sprout: Idle Garden. Each level brings with it a new flower and some other nifty items to help you out! To reach the next level, simply grow the most recently unlocked flower.

Here are the items/flowers unlocked at each level:

Level Reward Level Reward Level Reward
1 Daisy 11 Aster 21 Oleander
2 Lotus
Round Pot
12 Astrantia 22 Lily
3 Pansy
Brick Path
13 Bougainvillea 23 Gladiolus
4 Protea
Green Grass
Small House
14 Broom 24 Ginger
5 Rose
Square Pot
Wide Tub
15 Calla 25 Carnation
6 Wallflower
Deck Path
Pointy Bush
16 Clematis 26 Alstroemeria
7 Sunflower
Coffee Station
Yellow Grass
17 Daffodil
27 Hypericum
8 Hydrangea
Tall Hedge
18 Gerbera
Pointy Hedge
28 Jasmine
9 Bluebell
Medium House
19 Gardenia 29 Poinsettia
10 Anthurium
20 Poppy
Large House
30 Orchid


The loading screen for the game will change as you level up to reflect your current highest-level flower.