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Flowers are the primary source of income within the game. They can be planted inside of flower pots and harvested by tapping on them once they bloom. Each level up unlocks a new flower for you to plant and each flower costs more and takes longer to bloom than the previous one. In exchange for the increased cost, however, they also provide more money when harvested. Additionally, any flowers planted in pots adjacent to path tiles will be harvested automatically by gardeners who are on that same path and provide idle income for when you are away.

Types of Flowers

There are currently 30 types of flowers with many more to come. They are detailed in the table below:

Level Unlocked Flower Cost to Plant Level 1 Income Level 50 Upgrade Cost Level 50 Income Growth Time Max Income per sec
1 Daisy.png Daisy $3 $1 $244.3k $10.80k 3s $3.60k/s
2 Lotus.png Lotus $100 $20 $960.97k $50.00k 4s $12.50k/s
3 Pansy.png Pansy $1.00k $123 $7.80mm $295.20k 5s $59.04k/s
4 Protea.png Protea $10.00k $1.20k $63.38mm $2.88mm 7s $411.43k/s
5 Rose.png Rose $100.00k $12.00k $515.59mm $28.81mm 10s $2.89mm/s
6 Wallflower.png Wallflower $1.00mm $126.05k $4.20b $302.53mm 15s $201.7mm/s
7 Sunflower.png Sunflower $10.00mm $1.18mm $34.26b $2.82b 20s $141.00mm/s
8 Hydrangea.png Hydrangea $100.00mm $12.35mm $279.86b $29.65b 30s $988.3mm/s
9 Bluebell.png Bluebell $1.00b $129.71mm $2.28t $311.30b 45s $6.92b/s
10 Anthurium.png Anthurium $10.00b $1.21b $18.77t $2.91t 1 min $48.50b/s
11 Aster.png Aster $100.00b $12.71b $154.07t $12.71t 1 min 30s $141.22b/s
12 Astrantia.png Astrantia $1.00t $118.64b $1.27aa $118.64t 2 mins $988.67b/s
13 Bougainvillea.png Bougainvillea $10.00t $1.25t $10.44aa $1.25aa 3 mins $6.94t/s
14 Broom.png Broom $100.00t $11.63t $86.30aa $11.63aa 4 mins $48.46t/s
15 Calla.png Calla $1.00aa $122.08t $714.55aa $122.08aa 6 mins $339.11t/s
16 Clematis.png Clematis $10.00aa $1.14aa $5.93ab $1.14ab 8 mins $2.38aa/s
17 Daffodil.png Daffodil $100.00aa $9.97aa $49.37ab $9.97ab 10 mins $16.62aa/s
18 Gerbera.png Gerbera $1.00ab $83.75aa $412.04ab $83.75ab 12 mins $116.32aa/s
19 Gardenia.png Gardenia $10.00ab $683.93aa $3.45ac $683.93ab 14 mins $814.20aa/s
20 Poppy.png Poppy $100.00ab $5.81ab $28.96ac $5.81ac 17 mins $5.70ab/s
21 Oleander.png Oleander $1.00ac $47.87ab $244.18ac $5.81ac 20 mins $23.94ab/s
22 Lily.png Lily $10.00ac $385.40ab $2.07ad $231.24ac 23 mins $167.57ab/s
23 Gladiolus.png Gladiolus $100.00ac $3.17ac $17.53ad $1.90ad 27 mins $1.17ac/s
24 Ginger.png Ginger $1.00ad $25.45ac $149.45ad $15.27ad 31 mins $8.21ac/s
25 Carnation.png Carnation $10.00ad $201.16ac $1.28ae $120.70ad 35 mins $57.48ac/s
26 Alstroemeria.png Alstroemeria $100.00ad $1.61ad $11.00ae $965.57ad 40 mins $402.32ac/s
27 Hypercium.png Hypericum $1.00ae $12.67ad $94.97ae $7.60ae 45 mins $ 2.81ad/s
28 Jasmine.png Jasmine $10.00ae $98.57ad $823.93ae $59.14ae 50 mins $19.71ad/s
29 Poinsettia.png Poinsettia $100.00ae $745.18ad $7.18af $447.11ae 54 mins $138.00ad/s
30 Orchid.png Orchid $1.00af $5.80ae $62.92af $3.48af 1 hr $0.97ae/s