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Houses are an essential part of the game. Each house built provides access to an extra gardener, who will automatically harvest any plants adjacent to the path it's on. Although there are three types of houses, they all share a price and provide only one gardener each, so which house to place is purely up to the player's visual preference. They can be placed on top of pre-placed tiles or on open water. When placed on open water, they will generate an area of dirt underneath themselves automatically and a brick path in the doorway. If there is a non-path tile in front of the doorway, the house cannot be placed in that orientation and must be rotated, or the tile in front must be replaced with a path tile. Building any type of house will cause their shared price to increase, so be careful how you assign your gardeners.

Small House

A freshly placed small house.Hey! Where's the gardener?

Small Houses are the first type of house that the player has access to. In addition to the one provided at the start of the game, the player gains the ability to build more at level 4. Each Small house takes up a 3x3 area and must be placed with the door facing a path.


If you move the house away from its “plot” you will make a 3x3 plot of dirt and a stone passage if you move it continuously away from its “plot” you can sell them for the same amount of money $10 for the dirt and $100 for the stone passage this works for the medium and large house respectively

Medium House

A medium house. It's so tall!

Medium Houses become available at level 9. Like the small house, they too take up a 3x3 area and must be placed with the door facing a path tile. Like all houses, they spawn a single gardener to automatically harvest grown flowers.

Big House

A big house. That's huge!

Big Houses become first available at level 20, a rather large gap compared to the one between small and medium houses. They too share a price with their smaller counterparts and still only provide one gardener, however, they take up a 4x4 area compared to the 3x3 space needed to house the small and medium versions. This makes them the single largest object in the entire game.