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Tiles are the basic building blocks in the game. They constitute the "ground" and everything from houses, to plants, to pots need to be placed on top of tiles. There are currently ten of these in the game, dirt, brick path, deck path, stone path, green grass, yellow grass, eggplant grass, red grass, purple grass, blue grass, and concrete. With the exception of path tiles, any objects, like pots, plants, and coffee stations, can be placed on any tile. Gardeners, however, can only be placed on path tiles, which they will pace back and forth on, harvesting any fully grown flowers they encounter.

In order from left to right: Dirt, Brick Path, Deck Path, Stone Path, Green Grass, Yellow Grass, Eggplant Grass, Red Grass, Purple Grass, Blue Grass, Concrete

Unlock Levels

Level Tile
2 Dirt.png Dirt
3 Brick Path.png Brick Path
4 Green Grass.png Green Grass
6 Deck Path.png Deck Path
7 Yellow Grass.png Yellow Grass
11 Eggplant Grass.png Eggplant Grass
12 Stone Path.png Stone Path
13 Red Grass.png Red Grass
15 Purple Grass.png Purple Grass
17 Blue Tile.jpeg Blue Grass
21 Concrete.png Concrete

Path Tiles

Path tiles (Brick Path, Deck Path, and Stone Path) are used for gardeners to travel on. Unlike other tiles, path tiles cannot have anything other than gardeners placed on top of them. They are the only tiles that a gardener can traverse and as such usually form the skeleton of many gardens. Any plants that are placed adjacent to paths will be automatically harvested by any gardeners on that same path.