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There are currently 30 levels in Sprout: Idle Garden. Each level brings with it a new flower and some other nifty items to help you out! To reach the next level, simply grow the most recently unlocked flower.

Here are the items/flowers unlocked at each level:

Level Reward Level Reward Level Reward
1 Daisy 11 Aster 21 Oleander
2 Lotus
Round Pot
12 Astrantia 22 Lily
3 Pansy
Brick Path
13 Bougainvillea 23 Gladiolus
4 Protea
Green Grass
Small House
14 Broom 24 Ginger
5 Rose
Square Pot
Wide Tub
15 Calla 25 Carnation
6 Wallflower
Deck Path
Pointy Bush
16 Clematis 26 Alstroemeria
7 Sunflower
Coffee Station
Yellow Grass
17 Daffodil
27 Hypericum
8 Hydrangea
Tall Hedge
18 Gerbera
Pointy Hedge
28 Jasmine
9 Bluebell
Medium House
19 Gardenia 29 Poinsettia
10 Anthurium
20 Poppy 30 Orchid


The loading screen for the game will change as you level up to reflect your current highest-level flower.