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Pots are a key element of any garden. They allow you to plant and grow various types of flowers and make money. As you progress, more and more pots become available, starting with the round pot at level 2. Different types of pots have no effect on the growth of flowers and, as such, are purely there for aesthetic reasons. All the different types cost the same, and the price scales with the number purchased (e.x pot 1 costs $5, pot 100 costs 1.53aa).

In order from left to right: Round Pot, Square Pot, Wide Tub, Squat Pot, Narrow Tub, Barrel, Handled Tub and Cauldron

Unlock Levels

Different types of pots are unlocked at different levels. This section details which pots are unlocked at which levels

  • Level 2: Round Pot
  • Level 5: Square Pot, Wide Tub
  • Level 13: Squat Pot
  • Level 15: Narrow Tub
  • Level 17: Barrel
  • Level 22: Handled Tub
  • Level 23: Cauldron